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Hallo and my name is Dennet Offerman. I loved horses for as long as I can rememeber and loved to draw since I knew how to hold a pencil. During my teenage years I began studing horses more seriously- I started making art portfolios, taking art classes and I started riding. I still love Dressage, and I recently managed to start a facebook page where I can upload my creative works called Dennet Offerman's Art. Most of my A4 and smaller drawings are ideas that I want to eventually put on canvas. My first idea to put on canvas (profile photo) is of a grey Paso Fino stallion, started and completed last month April 2015. Most of my drawings in my latest portfolio are also non-equestrian, but also of fanstasy, cartoon, people, tattoo designs, and of wildlife. When I draw- I let music, my mood and my own mental fantasy take me away.

Dennet Offerman