Working in Groningen


Groningen offers those with talent many opportunities to excel. Those who come to work or study often decide to settle here. Groningen offers an ideal climate for investment, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, the ongoing development of the Zernike Campus, internationalization, the job market and accommodation. Groningen’s long-term ambition is to capitalize on its strengths and distinctive qualities and to consolidate its knowledge sectors, focusing on issues relating to the energy sector and to healthy ageing.​

Creating new jobs

How can we meet our growing energy needs and stay healthy as we grow older? These are two key issues facing the twenty-first century. Groningen already possesses both advanced expertise in these areas and a network of organizations, companies and educational institutions that are quite capable of contributing to solutions. By maximizing knowledge development, we intend to stimulate new entrepreneurship and create new jobs. This in turn will attract more high-quality, knowledge-based industry and employment to Groningen, enabling the north to further boost the Dutch economy.

Attractive city

More and more people are discovering that Groningen is an attractive place to live and work. Over the past year, employment in the province has once again risen by several percentage points. Employers in search of new talent are giving their staff every opportunity to develop. Groningen has much to offer in the areas of work and development, living and entertainment. Houses are still relatively cheap and you can live in the peaceful and tranquil countryside without having to worry about busy commuter traffic. The Groningen Museum, cinemas and theatres offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation after work.