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VoIPGRID is the fastest growing company in the Netherlands

VoIPGRID is the fastest growing company in the Netherlands

VoIPGRID is the fastest growing company in the Netherlands

Wed, 11 January 2017

VoIPGRID, the most non conformist player in in the telecommunications industry, can now officially call itself the fastest growing company in the Netherlands. During the national finals of the FD Gazellen, the company wasn’t just the fastest grower in the three Northern provinces, but also on a national level, with a whopping growth percentage of 1673% over the past three years.

Last week, the 100 fastest growing companies of the Netherlands were announced during the finals of the FD Gazellen Awards 2016, at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Every year, the Financieele Dagblad (FD, one of the leading Dutch financial newspapers) rewards the fastest growing companies per region with a Gazelle Award. The awards go to businesses with a revenue growth of at least 20% over the past three years. During the final award ceremony, the newspaper also published the list of all the national winners.

It’s raining awards for VoIPGRID

VoIPGRID, the telecommunications platform of founder Mark Vletter (who also founded successful companies Voys and Spindle), also took home the Golden Gazelle award for the Northern region last month. Since 2006, the Groningen based company develops cloud based telephony platforms for telecommunications suppliers. About 15,000 companies use their platform services on a daily basis, making more than a million phone calls possible, every week.

Because of their big growth in revenue, VoIPGRID also won the title Sector Winner Communications in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 last October and in 2015, Mark Vletter’s company was also named the fastest growing platform in Europe. For the FD Gazellen, the runner ups were FMJ-NW from Amsterdam (1598%) and NFP Groep from Heerenveen (1078%).

More Groningen based companies in the top 100

VoIPGRID wasn’t the only company from Groningen on the FD’s the 100 list. Online woodshop Gadero (13th place with 497% growth), JouwICT (33rd place with 370% growth), online fashion shop Brandfield (47th with 310%) and Payrollplaats (75th with 248%) scored really high.