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Eurosonic Side Program

Eurosonic Side Program

Eurosonic Air

From Thursday till Saturday, there’s the free ‘Eurosonic Air’ on the Grote Markt. Performing on a massive open air stage will be Gallowstreet, Kraantje Pappie, Orange Skyline, among others.

Thu 12 & Fri 13 Nan 20:45 – 00:30; Sat 14 Jan 12:30 – 17:00. More info >>

Live 3FM Radio

3FM Radio is also live again from Groningen this year during ESNS. A lot of cool bands will drop by in the studio and checking them out is completely free of charge.

Wed 11 until Sat 14 Jan. More info >>

Giel's Talenten

As an extension of his online platform Giel’s Talent Hunt, radio host Giel Beelen will also be in Groningen, looking for the latest musical talent. In Huis de Beurs, he will present 11 of his previously discovered talents to the audience.

Thur 12 Jan 16:30 – 19:00. More info >>


Grunnsonic is the free showcase festival with exclusively local acts. A quick selection of the line-up: DraMali, Kira Dekker, Roelie Vuitton and Vikings in Tibet.

Wed 11 till Fri 13 Jan 20:00 – 02:00; Sat 14 Jan 12:30 – 17:30 (Eurosonic Air). More info >>

ROC Roadtrip

The traveling pop circus ROC Roadtrip offers showcases for the most talented acts from six different music education institutes in the Netherlands. On January 14, it’s Groningen’s turn, with the seven best acts performing kickass shows.

Sat 14 Jan 15:00 – 18:00. More info >>

De Salon

Excelsior Recordings & Triomf will be hosting De Salon during Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017. De Salon will be a place to quietly enjoy a show and a few drinks, without having to raise their voices.

Wed 11 Jan until Sat 14 Jan 12:00 to 22:00. More info >>

2 meter Sessies

Check out intimate acoustic 2 Meter Sessies in the SummerLabb tent on the Damsterdiep, with promising (inter)national acts every day, including: Be Charlotte, Jeangu Macrooy and Saint Sister.

Wed 11 Jan 17:45 – 19:35; Thu 12 & Fri 13 Jan 17:00 – 20:30; Sat 14 Jan 14:00 – 17:30. More info >>


The Jagersonic music festival is an eclectic mix of quality music, characteristic of the DJ sets by DJ De Rooie Jager, with music by Di-Rect, De Kik and Pee & Rinus.

Sat 14 Jan 13:00 – 21:00. More info >>

V2/Radar Showcase

V2 is home base of many respected artists from the European alternative music scene and Radar Agency is an Amsterdam based booking agency, constantly looking for boundary crossing music from across the world. Together, the two are presenting a fresh lineup of upcoming artists.

Thur 12 Jan 15:30 – 19:00. More info >>

Poparchief Groningen

Popjournalist Peter van der Heide will give a unique insight in the collection and with that, into the Groningen pop scene. In bird’s eye view, far from complete, but with a focus on the less obvious material. With the combined exhibition, we’ll zoom in on a few subjects featured in the book, coupled with some very special archive material. It’s also possible to take a tour through the archives, where several great artifacts can be viewed.

>> Wed – Fri 9:00 – 17:00; Sat 14 Jan 10:00 – 16:00. More info >>


SummerLabb lets festival and event visitors interactively feel, taste and smell the latest (technological) innovations in the area of sustainability. Together with partners, ranging from start-ups to multinationals and education institutes (from MBO to the University Hospital), you’ll get a sneak preview of a future filled with surprises and the latest innovations.

Wed 11 Jan until Sat 14 Jan. More info >>