Programmes and projects

Positioned at the heart of the “Energy Valley” the city of Groningen is a European focal point for sustainable energy development. The city has developed some remarkable Smart Energy R&D and living labs projects together with partners from the public and private energy R&D cluster. This website introduces the Groningen Smart Energy City projects.

Current projects like Power Matching City which put the “Smart Energy Citizen” in control of fine tuning his energy demand towards the fluctuating supply of energy from sustainable sources . These projects got international attention and praise as frontrunners in the global transition towards a more sustainable energy supply.

Simultaneously user centered cooperative projects like Grunneger Power have raised the awareness and organization level of citizens in the generation of sustainable energy.

These successes have raised the ambitions of Groningen. The city makes significant efforts to take the Smart Energy cluster to the next level and become a Global guide city for smart energy developments. These ambitions are transformed into action plans such as “thousands of smart households”. 

Energy Academy Europe

The Energy Academy Europe (EAE) is an international center of excellence in energy education, research and innovation, located in Groningen, the Netherlands. It focuses on the transition to a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy future. The main themes include gas (including biogas and green gas), renewables (like wind and solar energy), smart grids, energy efficiency (including the nexus energy-water-food) and CO2 reduction. The EAE welcomes all individuals, organisations and businesses who want to contribute to our goals.

For more information visit the website of Energy Academy Europe

Green Gas development environment

In order to become Europe’s most innovative green gas development environment Groningen will set up a major pilot project. This project focuses on the large scale production of green gas and gaining more knowledge and experience on mixing green and natural gas in the conventional gas grid. A green gas mixing line will enable businesses and knowledge institutions to investigate the quality and quantity of green gas. A model showing the production and use of green gas will be built on the Westpoort industrial estate. RenQi, University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, Gasunie are Gasterra are partners in this project.

Top-quality internships

The University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen and the City of Groningen work closely with businesses offering top of the bill energy-related training programmes and providing top quality internship posts.

Young Energy Valley

Young energy professionals have developed an inspiring energy event. This is an initiative of the City of Groningen, UMCG, Hanze University Groningen, University of Groningen.