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University Medical Center Groningen

The UMCG is a university medical centre where colleagues work together on patient care, research, training and education. Situated in Groningen’s city centre, the UMCG is housed in new premises that meet all modern requirements. The hospital offers the full range of medical specialties and utilizes the latest equipment and most advanced techniques.

The UMCG is constantly improving patient care and has achieved excellent results in developing new treatments and research methods. It also works on making patient care as pleasant as possible. At the heart of these efforts are cooperation, initiative and the dedication of all employees.

UMCG employees are given every opportunity for personal growth. Considerable attention is given to career management, and employees receive ample opportunity to make a career at the UMCG. For example, nurses can specialize as IC attendants, direction nurses or nurse practitioners. The UMCG is in the forefront of developing new jobs in care and opening up new career opportunities. For example, it is the first Dutch hospital where physicians can specialize as hospital doctors.

In order to provide top care, UMCG professionals must keep abreast of the latest developments in their field – hence the many refresher courses and training courses on offer. There are other facilities too that contribute to the excellent working conditions for UMCG employees, such as the gym, supermarket, childcare facilities and flexible working hours. These all contribute to a good work-life balance.