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Working in Groningen


Why Groningen?

Groningen has all the facilities a large city is required to provide, in addition to a smart infrastructure. Groningen is an experimental ground for innovation, with the first city-covering Internet of Things network in Europe, the first smart factories in The Netherlands and one of the largest 5G testing grounds. Thanks to the international hub connection from Groningen Airport Eelde, the city is easily accessible from all over the world, from New York to Beijing. After all, there is a reason for companies like Google and IBM to establish here.

Are you looking to work in Groningen? The city is ahead in the areas of Healthy Ageing and Energy and IT, and various leading companies in these sectors are established here.


Energy and Groningen are inextricably linked, especially now. An important theme is the transition to a society without any fossil fuels. By profiling the north of The Netherlands as such, it has drawn considerable activity and employment.

AgriFood & Biobased Economy

The Groningen region is streets ahead with a rapidly developing ‘green economy’. It has a leading role in the biobased economy in The Netherlands, which ensures that these sectors are well-represented here. Trade and industry collaborate with research institutes such as the University, thus realising 11,000 jobs and a turnover of almost two billion in this sustainable biobased economy. The vast farmlands that are still found here and the processors of agricultural products, such as the multinational Avebe, ensure the delivery of biomass.


Groningen is developing strongly as a modern IT city. The Zernikeborg, the ultimate IT junction in the north of The Netherlands, is located in Groningen and the main Internet junction between the US and Europe is located in Eemshaven harbour.

Healthy Ageing

Groningen is a main cradle of knowledge in the area of Healthy Ageing and various research institutes are established here that deliver top performances in this important theme. Groningen city of knowledge is focussing on becoming an international knowledge engine in the area of health, specifically in growing up, ageing and healthy ageing.

A spouse or partner relocating with an employee

Noorderlink has a partner programme, that involves the Noorderlink network to help partners who relocate with employees to find a suitable job or in the area of labour market orientation.