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Looking for a great place to study? A city where you can choose between a wide variety of highly reputable institutions? A vital university town that thrives on young people, creative thinkers and ambitious entrepreneurs? Where student life is bustling and the streets are safe at night?

76,000 talents

In the northern Netherlands Groningen stands out as a city of education. Here you will find knowledge institutions of higher education as well as a great many other tertiary institutes. 50,000 students attend the University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, University of Applied Sciences and the University Medical Center Groningen. Ten percent of these are from abroad. Another 26,000 students are enrolled at other post- secondary institutes in Groningen.


Many graduates decide to stay on in Groningen, working as teachers or researchers. Others find jobs at these institutions or at other knowledge-based organisations in and around Groningen. An increasing number of graduates choose to become entrepreneurs. For ambitious, highly-educated professionals there are plenty of opportunities. No wonder: Groningen is a real City of Talent!