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Why Groningen?

With 200,000 residents, 50% of whom are under 35, Groningen is one of the youngest cities in The Netherlands, with all innovation, creativity, talent and industriousness that goes with it. Groningen is a lively and passionate city that never sleeps or pauses, and has the close-knit friendliness of a village.

A lively city to live in

Groningen housing accommodation is very comfortably priced and the city is one of the best bicycle cities in the world. There are plenty of leisure time activities with numerous events and cultural highlights. Groningen features one of the five best photo festivals in the world (Noorderlicht) and the very best exhibitions in the Groninger Museum, which is one of the most high-profile buildings in Europe.

City of Talent

Groningen encourages research, innovation and entrepreneurship. It attracts many young, creative entrepreneurs and invests in outstanding IT infrastructure. Key projects are Wireless Groningen and Target, an expertise centre for large-scale data processing. Internationally Groningen collaborates closely within the Northern Development Axis, sharing knowledge and expertise with the North German cities, the Baltic states and Scandinavia.  The city always provides plenty of space for talented people with ambition. Read more about the companies in Groningen where talented people can develop themselves.

Groningen residents are the most satisfied

In 2007 the European Commission carried out a survey among the residents of 75 large and medium-large European cities. It proved that Groningen residents are the most satisfied in Europe. Groningen residents are very happy about the clean air, health care, safety and the number of green areas in the provincial capital.

Groningen nightlife

Groningen has plenty to offer after sunset. Before a visit to the theatre in the Stadsschouwburg city theatre or a cinema, choose from one of the innumerable options for a delicious meal. Time is the last thing of the essence here, because Groningen has no fixed closing hours. The huge number of students ensure that the city is nicely crowded both during weekends as well as on week nights.