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Groningen volgens Amerikanen in top 11 van leukste Europese steden

vr, 29 mei 2015

Maar waarom?

In onderstaande Amerikaanse ranking van Thrillist staat Groningen bij de 11 leukste middelgrote steden van Europa van de Amerikaanse website Het is niet helemaal duidelijk hoe de redactie aan haar ranglijst komt. Maar dit zijn volgens de Amerikanen in elk geval de leukste steden van Europa: Cádiz,Cambridge, Lausanne, Aix-en-Provence, Salzburg, Uppsala, Porto, Padua, Groningen, Freiburg, Ghent.

Say "Europe," and informed Americans will think of "The Final Countdown." Because informed Americans love '80s arena rock. Everyone else will likely envision London, Paris, or Rome. But there's a lot more to the continent than its megacities. Specifically, the cities that make up the rest of Europe and are all too often overlooked.

Following the Reno, NV, model, we sought out the biggest little cities Europe has to offer -- namely, ones with populations between 100k and 250k -- that punch well above their weight (or population, as the case may be) when it comes to cultural goings-on. From the tip of the Iberian peninsula to the heart of Scandinavia, these are the absolute coolest small cities on the continent.

Over Groningen:

Netherlands,Population: 216,000

With 1.5 bikes for every resident, and a town center that's essentially off-limits to motorized traffic, this city is unquestionably one of the most bike-friendly on Earth. It also hosts Europe's largest showcase-type festival, Eurosonic, and the highest student population density of any city in the Netherlands, meaning that, just like Padua, it's got a nightlife as vibrant as you'd expect from a city dominated by 20-somethings. There's even a sizable red light district in town -- y'know, if that's the sort of thing that normally sways your vacation planning.

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