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At the post offices you can buy stamps and bus tickets (strippenkaarten) and post letters and parcels. Red or orange postboxes are located outside post offices and throughout the city. These have two slots for mail: the one on the right is for local mail (with postal codes from 7000 to 9999) and the one on the left is for all other mail (including letters you send abroad).

Area code

The area code for Groningen is 050. When you want to make a phone call to someone in another area, first dial their area code (beginning with zero) before dialling the subscriber’s number. Please note that all Dutch telephone numbers consist of 10 digits including the area code.

Public phones

Public telephones in the Netherlands generally do not accept coins anymore, but must be operated with a pre-paid phone card. These cards vary in price and can be bought at post offices and most tobacconists.

Mobile phones

There are several shops in Groningen selling mobile phones: some do so for one particular telephone company, others sell a wide range. Find out first how much international calls are before making your choice!

Cheap ways to phone home

Several companies offer cheap telephone cards. The system is simple: buy a telephone card for €5, €10, €20, or €50 and then dial the number on the card and follow the instructions. Using these cards to call your home country is a lot cheaper than normal telephone rates.